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New! Certified Webinar Planner

Price: $795.00

Instructor: William A. Draves, CAE, COI, is President of the Learning Resources Network (LERN), the leading association in continuing education and lifelong learning. He is the author of “Advanced Teaching Online,” “How to Teach Adults,” and editor of “The Marketing Manual.”
Day/Time: online
Start Date: September 9 - November 15
Fees: $795

Course Description:

Finally, you can acquire the best professional development in webinar meeting planning. Plus get the option of being recognized for your knowledge by becoming a Certified Webinar Planner (CWP).

Virtual meetings are distance seminars and education featuring audio, slides and video in a synchronous format. They include webinars, webcasts, video casts, two-way web cams, and other audio and video formats. Discover the various synchronous distance meeting formats available and learn about the technology of producing distance meetings. Then get the best instructional techniques on the design and teaching of effective distance or webinar meetings. Lastly, acquire the webinar planning skills involved in budgeting, pricing, and marketing webinar meetings.

10 week online course (3 sections) with certification exam for CWP designation. William Draves, COI, and Suzanne Kart, instructors.

Designing Successful Webinars

Price: $195.00

Instructor: William A. Draves designs, presents, plans and markets webinars for a national association.
Day/Time: online
Start Date: March 4 - 29 and June 3 - 28
Fees: $195
Number of Class Meetings: 1 Month

Course Description:

Webinars are a hot new meeting format that save money and reach more people than in-person meetings. Use them for customer education, staff meetings and training, presentations, virtual seminars and much more.

The technology is simple, but good webinar presentation techniques are critical. Discover the power of successful webinars for your business organization. Then learn the 4 key strategies to make your webinars more successful. Acquire techniques and tips that will make your webinars winners with your audiences.

Course Outline

Unit 1 Keys to Successful Webinars

Unit 2 Effective Presentation Techniques for Webinars

Unit 3 Preparing and evaluating webinar presenters

Unit 4 Planning for Successful Webinars

Course Objectives

You will learn: 1. To explore the different types of formats that are available 2. How to design a webinar that will work with your participants 3. To train instructors on how to lead a webinar 4. The presentation techniques that best work in a webinar 5. To provide expert experience and perspective to those already using webinars, and discuss advanced techniques in webinar presentations