Continuing Education Courses for Real Estate Salespersons and Brokers

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons to complete 12 hours of continuing education every two years before they renew their Real Estate license on an active status. In order to maintain an active status real estate license, you must take 12 hours of continuing education. Failure to do so means you lose your ability to sell or list real estate until you submit proof you have met the state’s requirements.

Real Estate

Massachusetts Real Estate and Salesperson-IN PERSON OR ONLINEOR ONLINE

Code: W22-480
Price: $475.00

Instructor: Paula Levasseur - Will do IN PERSON CLASS OR ONLINE
Day/Time: Tuesdays; 5:30PM-9:30PM
Start Date: February 8, 2022
Fees: $475+$15 Reg Fee (Textbook not included)
Number of Class Meetings: 10 Sessions

Course Description:

This 40-hour course meets the Massachusetts course requirements and is designed to prepare students to take the Massachusetts Salespersons’ Exam. You will be introduced and have the opportunity to discuss all subjects in a way that will leave you understanding what you have studied and be prepared to take the examination. Students will come to understand the different real estate concepts and will discuss how these concepts will assist them in a future real estate career. Must be at least 18 years of age to take the exam. Textbook is to be purchased from the instructor at an additional cost of approximately $75.00. 

FORMAT-Students are given the choice to attend class in person or via ZOOM Meetings
INSTRUCTOR: Paula Levasseur, Real Estate Agent at Anjos Real Estate Servies, Approved Real Estate Instructor.
TEXTBOOK: Purchased through instructor