Personal Enrichment


Code: F20-264
Price: $59.00

Instructor: Linda Walker, has been sewing for over 35 years and has made many quilts, custom curtains and clothing.
Day/Time: WEDNESDAYS - 6:30-8:30pm
Start Date: October 9, 16 , 23, 2019.
Fees: $59.00
Number of Class Meetings: 3 Sessions

Course Description:

New!  Flying Geese Design/or Trip Around the World Pattern for a Twin/Queen Size Bed - OR LOG CABIN PATTERN!  LAP QUILTS, TALBE RUNNERS/PLACEMATS.

Letís Quilt!  Come learn how to sew a Flying Geese Design or Trip Around the World for a Twin/Queen Bed.  To make the Flying Geese or Trip Around the World design for a Twin/Queen Quilt you will need to buy 8-10 fabrics of your choice (1/2 yard of each) cotton fabrics.  These fabrics will be cut into triangles for the Flying Geese design, so bring an Olfa mat and Rotary cutter with your Omnigrid ruler and matching thread, pins, seam ripper.  Wash and iron all fabrics before class.  You will also need to bring a Portable Sewing Machine. When purchasing your fabric try to buy for example:  a dark blue print and a light blue print, dark green and a light green fabric and so on. This will make your pattern POP!   


Code: F20-808
Price: $69.00

Instructor: Diane Parini, lover of yarn and being creative.
Day/Time: Tuesdays, 5:30-7:30pm
Start Date: September 24, October 1 & 8th, 2019
Fees: $69.00
Number of Class Meetings: 3 Sessions

Course Description:

New!  Learn To Crochet

Crochet isnít just for winter accessories!!  Let me show you how to crochet.  Not only does it help with relaxation techniques, it is for male and female, you can create beautiful items all year long!

This class is for those for first time crochet, our first class, we will learn crochet in rows and the basic stitches in crochet, by creating a Stitch Sampler Dish or Wash Cloth

In our second class, we will learn crochet in the round, to create a  Hat, a Basket or a Market Bag of your choice.

Our third class, we will continue by learning how to read patterns, abbreviations, introduce you to different ways of crochet, crochet lace and Tunisian crochet, and most important the yarns, the differences, the options, and how to read the yarn labels and know what to choose, after you choose a pattern.  Whatís online, tutorials, you tube and more.

I will give you plenty of handouts and step by steps, but bring a notebook, you might want to jot down more information.

Please bring with you for your first class 2 skeins of worsted weight cotton yarn. (Lily Sugar n Cream or Peaches n Cream or Premier) these are the name brands.  Any color you choose. 

You will need a crochet hook size I/5.5, it can be aluminum, plastic, wood or bamboo. The plastic or aluminum are usually the least expensive for starting out. Many love the bamboo.  Itís a personal choice.

These items can be found at Walmart, Michaels, JoAnn, AC Moore or your local yarn shop, or online.  We will discuss more about online in class.

So come for a relaxing evening.  Bring your Coffee or Tea.  Bring a friend. Once we get going you wonít want it to end!


Code: F20-809
Price: $69.00

Prerequisites: Knowledge of basic crochet, chain stitches, single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet, treble crochet.
Instructor: Diane Parini, lover of yarn and being creative.
Day/Time: TUESDAY, 5:30-7:30PM
Start Date: October 22, 2019.
Fees: $69.00
Number of Class Meetings: 3 Sessions

Course Description:


Prerequisites:  Knowledge of basic crochet, and the stitches chain, single crochet, half double crochet,

double crochet, treble crochet


I know that as soon as our weather warms up and dries out you will want to be out in the gardens.  But, I can show you how to bring the garden to you with your crochet.  This is a Crochet 2 class. Itís more than our basic crochet class.  If you have been to my crochet basics class, we will go further into crochet, changing colors, and how to create different textures to add to your projects.  You already know how to do those basic stitches but want more?  I have some new stitches to show you.  How about a new light weight summer scarf for fun?  Want a summer bag?    I will make some swatches for you to practice some new stitches and get you started on something summery to finish in 3 weeks.  Come check out some new fun summery items to make and new yarns to try!! I have new handouts for you to check out too!  Have a pattern you need help with bring it along. 

 Class 1 we will do a meet and greet, and check out the summer scarf patterns to choose from.  Get you started on one of the new items.  We will try some new stitches on some swatches, I made for you to work on.

Class 2 we will check out how everyone is progressing on their project!   We will go over how to change colors or yarn, magic knots and magic circles. Letís look at how to weave in ends and how to do some more new stitches.

Class 3 we will learn how to do edgings and put an edging as a finishing touch to your project. Learn how to attach samples together.  Finish up our projects.  And if you want, we can even talk about what we are making for the upcoming winter seasonÖ or maybe not!!  :D

Bring 2 skeins of cotton yarn and your hooks!

 The size weight of the yarn for you to bring to class should be either #3 or #4.

The hook size you should bring to class is recommended on your yarn label and/or bring an H or I hook.

 The cotton yarns can be found at Walmart, Michaels, A C Moore, Hobby Lobby,  Jo Anns or your local yarn shop or online.  The Cotton yarn names are Peaches and Cream, Lily Sugar and Cream, Premiere, Caron Cotton Cakes, and others.  The Caron Cotton Cakes you need to only get one skein.

 So come for a relaxed evening of yarn, crochet, and a good time!  I canít wait to see you!!


Code: F20-266
Price: $250.00

Instructor: Michael Lehman
Day/Time: TUES, 6:00-9:00PM
Start Date: SEPTEMBER 10, 2019.
Fees: $250.00
Number of Class Meetings: 8 Sessions

Course Description:



The mission of this class is to awaken the imagination, emotion, and intellect of the student actor by making him/her aware of the transforming power and universality of theatre and the skills required to achieve excellence in performance. It is the beginning of the actor’s journey of exploration to uncover the meaning and vision of any play and playwright in order to discover the “who, why, where, when and how” of each character to best serve the vision of the play. It is imperative the student actor understands the craft of acting, which requires a disciplined approach to voice, speech, movement, as well as an intellectual rigor in dissecting text, subtext, and style. Finally, this course will stress both the actor's ability to use "self" (body, mind, and experience) in a believable, honest way, as well as his/her willingness and resilience to transform that "self" beyond its pre-established boundaries.

 Instructor: Michael Lehman is an award winning actor, screenwriter, playwright and local professor for five years. His awards include being a two-time Boston Globe Theatre award winner and five time National Broadcasting Society award winner.