Personal Enrichment

NEW! Medicare: Managing Health Care Expenses in Retirement

Code: F18-654
Price: $25.00

Instructor: S. Eric Ascendorf, M.A. Economics, Executive Vice President of Wealth Management, RIS - Retirement Income Specialist
Day/Time: WEDNESDAY, 6:30 - 8:00 PM
Start Date: OCTOBER 25, 2017
Fees: 25.00
Number of Class Meetings: 1 Session

Course Description:

This workshop will provide helpful information for navigating Medicare and managing your health expenses. It is purely educational. No specific insurance or investment products will be discussed. How does Medicare work with private insurance to provide comprehensive care? Medicare B and D or Medicare Advantage? Most people pay too much for private insurance. Learn how to avoid extra costs. Medicare and long-term care, what does it cover? You need to know the answers to these questions because Medicare is not an option (penalties are imposed for failure to comply). Medicare is an integral, complicated, costly, and necessary part of this stage of your life. Be informed.

NEW! Retirement Income? How To Turn What You Have Accumulated Into A Lifetime Income

Code: F18-655
Price: $25.00

Instructor: S. Eric Ascendorf, M.A. Economics, Executive Vice President of Wealth Management, RIS - Retirement Income Specialist
Day/Time: WEDNESDAY, 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.
Start Date: OCTOBER 18, 2017.
Fees: 25.00
Number of Class Meetings: 1 session

Course Description:

Managing Social Security....take it now or later? A review of income producing investments focusing on risk v. reward; guaranteeing lifetime income; structuring a plan and portfolio; tools to estimate your success.

Drawing & Watercolors

Code: F18-812
Price: $89.00

Instructor: Rosalie McCarthy, Professional Portrait Artist, Former Member of The Copley Society of Boston, has 30 years' experience Teaching children and adults.
Day/Time: THURSDAYS, 6:00 - 8:30 PM
Start Date: OCTOBER 5, 2017.
Fees: 89.00
Number of Class Meetings: 6 Sessions

Course Description:

DRAWING AND WATERCOLORS: Drawing and painting is not a magical ingredient granted to a chosen few. It is a developed skill and contrary to popular belief watercolor is a very forgiving medium. Join us and discover how easily you can accomplish both. Rosalie will take you step by step throughout the entire process with ongoing demonstration and individual guidance. Always a different subject matter for returning students. Necessary to bring to first class: No larger than 9X12 Pad, 140 pound, cold-pressed watercolor paper, Box of no less than 12 (or 18) student grade watercolors IN TUBES (NOT 1/2 pans or flat, round colors in small oblong containers, they're inadequate for full coverage paintings), full role of paper towels, masking tape, good supply of UNGLAZED paper plates, gray kneaded eraser, artist drawing pencil. A brief informative presentation of various brushes, papers, palettes and paints, necessary and unnecessary will be discussed together with helpful handouts. Brushes and water cups supplied by the Instructor. Instructor: Rosalie McCarthy has 30 years experience teaching children and adults and currently teaches in several locations throughout Cape Cod.

Aromatherapy Holiday Gifts That Heal

Code: F18-701
Price: $39.00

Instructor: Kathleen Viola, Certified Herbalist, Herbology Instructor.
Day/Time: WEDNESDAYS, 6:00-9:00
Start Date: NOVEMBER 1, 2017
Fees: $39.00 PLUS $35 Material Fee payable to the Instructor.
Number of Class Meetings: 1 Session

Course Description:

A scarf! Another Tie! Forget the same old gifts. What could be better than a gift that heals? Make your loved ones a truly personal gift. Choose from a variety of healing gifts such as aromatherapy bath, bags, salts, tea blends, soaks and foot soaks. These are full size and you make them in class. Additional formulas for facial herbs, balms and more are provided. Students will leave class with at least 3 full size healing products. Examples are: healing spritzers, bath salts, scrubs, lip balms, vapor balms, sore muscle cream, cream salves, oils all custom made by you. All covered in class, but must be paid for in advance. JOJOBA oil and other supplies will be available for sale also, before or after class. Instructor: Kathleen Viola, Certified Herbalist, Herbology Instructor Fee: $39 plus $35 material fee due to the instructor at beginning of class. Checks/Cash only.

Integrated Hand, Face & Earl Reflexology

Code: F18-638
Price: $69.00

Instructor: Kathleen Viola, CEO/President Integrative Reflexology Association of America
Day/Time: TUES/THURS, 5:30-9:00PM
Start Date: OCTOBER 10 & 12, 2017
Fees: $69.00 PLUS AN ADDITIONAL $35.00 MATERIAL FEE DUE TO THE INSTRUCTOR AT CLASS. (Check/Cash only for material fee).
Number of Class Meetings: 2 Sessions

Course Description:

Integrated Hand, Face & Ear Reflexology Work This class is for everyone!! Come learn this non-invasive natural therapy which stimulates your inner healing ability. Learn these healing techniques to enhance your current cliental, family/friends or self treatment. This is a wonderful addition to any practice such as dental offices, nurses, massage therapists, nail technicians and beauticians, Hand reflexology relieves hand and finger joint pain. Helps relieve pain from arthritis and reduces inflammation. Studies have shown just two ten minute hand treatments a day promotes optimum health and relieves tension. Hand, Facial & ear reflexology can be used by everyone from young babies to the elderly. Hand Reflexology helps with the following conditions: Inner ear issues, headaches, TMJ, Bells Palsy, gum and teeth issues, stress, sines (upper, lower), increases circulation to facial areas through stimulation, cell rejuvenation and more. Reported clients feedback suggest they have seen and experienced results similar to a facelift. Come experience and learn the finger thumb walking technique and pressure unique to the professional field of reflexology. Kathleen will share a variety of techniques including trigger point, acupressure, and more that may be integrated into your treatments to enhance the clients treatment. Instructo Kathleen Viola: CEO/President Integrative Reflexology Association of America ( IRAA), RCB Nationally Certified Master Reflexologist, Proctor/ Hands on Assistant with The RCB (Reflexology Certification Board), LMT, CYT, RYT.


Code: F18-808
Price: $69.00

Instructor: Diane Parini
Day/Time: MONDAY, 5:30-7:30PM
Start Date: OCTOBER 16, 23 & 30, 2017.
Fees: $69.00
Number of Class Meetings: 3

Course Description:

New! Learn to Crochet - Crochet isnít just for winter accessories!! Let me show you how to crochet. Not only does it help with relaxation techniques, it is for both genders, you can create beautiful items all year long! This Summer class is for those for first time crochet, our first class, we will learn crochet in rows and the basic stitches in crochet, by creating a Stitch Sampler Dish or Wash Cloth. In our second class, we will learn crochet in the round, to create a Summer Hat, a Basket or a Market Bag of your choice. Our third class, we will continue by learning how to read patterns, abbreviations, introduce you to different ways of crochet, crochet lace and Tunisian crochet, and most important the yarns, the differences, the options, and how to read the yarn labels and know what to choose, after you choose a pattern. Whatís online, tutorials, you tube and more. I will give you plenty of handouts and step by steps, but bring a notebook; you might want to jot down more information. Please bring with you for your first class 2 skeins of worsted weight cotton yarn. (Lily Sugar n Cream or Peaches n Cream or Premier) these are the name brands. Any color you choose. You will need a crochet hook size I/5.5, it can be aluminum, plastic, wood or bamboo. The plastic or aluminum is usually the least expensive for starting out. Many love the bamboo. Itís a personal choice. These items can be found at Walmart, Michaels, JoAnn, AC Moore or your local yarn shop, or online. We will discuss more about online in class. So come for a relaxing evening. Bring your Coffee or Tea. Bring a friend. Once we get going you wonít want it to end! Instructor: Diane Parini, Lover of Yarns and being creative.


Code: F18-428
Price: $20.00

Instructor: Kendra Bond, Creative Teacher for many years. Kendra taught students how to create naturally.
Day/Time: WEDNESDAY, 7:00-9:00PM
Start Date: October 18, 2017.
Number of Class Meetings: 1 Session.

Course Description:

NEW! CREATE CUSTOM MADE EARRINGS AND/OR A PENDANT. Choose from thousands of shapes and colored beads to design a simply made pendant and earring set or two pairs of earrings. This class allows you to choose color and shapes to custom design these pieces to match your wardrobe. You will leave with a one of a kind set or earrings. Come and get creative. Instructor: Kendra Bond, Creative Teacher. For many years Kendra taught students how to create naturally.

Aromatherapy/Herbal Soap Making - Just in Thyme for your Christmas Gift Giving!!

Code: F18-815
Price: $39.00

Instructor: Kathleen Viola, Certified Herbalist, Herbology Instructor
Day/Time: WEDNESDAY, 5:30-8:30PM
Start Date: OCTOBER 25, 2017
Number of Class Meetings: 1 session

Course Description:

Aromatherapy/Herbal Soap Making - Just in Thyme for your Christmas Gift Giving!!!! As mentioned on the Dr. Oz show, store bought soap is one of the ten top things to remove from your home for optimum health. Kathleen will share the art and science of the soap making craft. These handmade body care bars have been useful for flaking skin, eczema, poison ivy, head lice, insect bites, soap allergies, diaper rash and many more conditions common when using store bought soaps. These soaps are crafted with natural and pure ingredients. The unique formulas Kathleen has developed have proven to be luxurious face and body bars. Enjoyed by all ages and used on all skin types. The bases of these beautiful handcrafted and hand cut bars are coconut and olive oils and are 100% food grade. Once you learn this basic soapmaking technique there are no limits to your creativity. One may even start your own soap making business or use them for exquisite gift giving. This class is set up by Kathleen with the students in mind to see first hand, soap making before investing in costly supplies and valuable time. There is no supply list, or costly mistakes in purchasing wrong supplies, before you see first hand if this is for you. Soap making is truly a wonderful, fun, and therapeutic craft enjoyed for centuries by our Mothers, Grandmothers and Great-Grand Mothers before us. Soap takes 6 weeks to cure, some bars longer. Instructor: Kathleen Viola, Certified Herbalist, Herbology Instructor. Fee: $39 plus $35 material fee. Checks/Cash only to cover $35.00 Material fee due to the Instructor to cover bars of soap and handout. Some supplies will be sold after class for those who wish to make soap. Checks and cash. Coconut oil and some essential oils. wholesale suppliers will be supplied at class.