Boating & Seamanship

Boating Skills and Seamanship

Code: W22-875
Price: $99.00

Instructor: Members of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary.
Day/Time: Thursday, 6:30-8:30
Start Date: March 3, 2022
Fees: $99.00 includes cost of Textbook
Number of Class Meetings: 12 Sessions

Course Description:

The Cape Cod Canal Flotilla of the Coast Guard Auxiliary will be offering an 11-week course in Boating Skills and Seamanship. This in-depth course will cover applicable techniques of value to recreational boaters to foster safe boating on near shore waters.  The detailed subject matter will include: choosing a boat, equipping a boat, legal considerations, trail ring a boat, boat handling, aids to navigation, navigation rules, nautical charts and basic piloting, powering a boat, knots and lines, marine radio, introduction to navigation and other safety issues.  The BS & S course is approved by the Massachusetts Environmental Police.  Upon satisfactory completion of the course, youths 12-15 are eligible to apply for licensure under the Massachusetts State Boating Regulations so they might legally operate a power boat alone

INSTRUCTORS:  Members of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary.

NOTE: Tuition includes the cost of the textbook.

Boat America

Code: W22-877
Price: $50.00

Instructor: Members of US Coast Guard Auxiliary
Day/Time: Tuesdays, 6-8:30pm
Start Date: 1/11/21, 1/18/21, 1/25/21
Fees: $50 + $15 Registration Fee
Number of Class Meetings: 3 Sessions

Course Description:

Boat America gives students the knowledge needed to obtain a boat license or safety certification in many states. Many boat insurance companies will offer discounts on boating insurance to boaters who successfully complete Boat America. The course covers:

Chp1-Know Your Boat
Chp 2-Before You Get Underway
Chp 3-Navigating the Waterways
Chp 4-Operating your Boat/PWC Safely
Chp 5-Legal Requirements of Boating
Chp 6-Boating Emergencies and What to Do
Chp 7-Enjoying Water Sports with your Boat

INSTRUCTORS: Members of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary
NOTE: Tuition includes the cost of the textbook