Boating & Seamanship


Code: W18-875
Price: $34.00

Instructor: Members of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary
Day/Time: WEDNESDAY, 6:30-8:30PM
Start Date: March 7, 2018.
Fees: $34.00 PLUS $25.00 For Textbook payable to the Instructor.
Number of Class Meetings: 11 Sessions

Course Description:

BOATING SKILLS AND SEAMANSHIP: The Cape Cod Canal Flotilla of the Coast Guard Auxiliary will be offering an 11-week course in Boating Skills and Seamanship. This in-depth course will cover applicable techniques of value to recreational boaters to foster safe boating on near shore waters. The detailed subject matter will include: choosing a boat, equipping a boat, legal considerations, trail ring a boat, boat handling, aids to navigation, navigation rules, nautical charts and basic piloting, powering a boat, knots and lines, marine radio, introduction to navigation and other safety issues. The BS & S course is approved by the Massachusetts Environmental Police. Upon satisfactory completion of the course, youths 12 to 15 are eligible to apply for licensure under the Massachusetts State Boating Regulations so they might legally operate a power boat alone. Instructors: Members of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary Fee: $34 plus $25 for textbook payable to the instructor.