MACWIC Level 2-ONLINE Basic Manufacturing Skills & Credential for Machine Operators and Inspectors

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Prerequisites: MACWIC Level 1
Instructor: Chuck Lawrence & TBD
Day/Time: Mondays & Tuesdays/ 6PM-9PM
Start Date: April 26, 2021-June 29, 2021
Fees: FREE
Number of Class Meetings: 19 Sessions

-Recently graduated from high school
-High school senior, graduating with high school diploma by June 2021
-Recently obtained GED or HiSet
-Currently in final stages of GED or HiSet prep
-Computer experience with 2D virtual gaming, online classes, and/or Zoom or Google Meet
-Successfully completed MACWIC Level 1 certification exam with 85% or better; 
   currently working in manufacturing

MACWIC LEVEL 2 will prepare you for the Entry Level Machine Operators and Inspectors Manufacturing Skills Credential that will give employers a clear picture of the skills you have in order to earn a machine operator position in the technology based manufacturing workplace. Are you mechanically inclined and like to explore how things are made? Do you enjoy computers and how they can be programmed to do simple and complicated tasks? Do you like to work with people in small company environments that mentor you and help you advance to more complex jobs within the company? Then this course is for you! The MACWIC Level 2 course is an introduction to manufacturing technology and includes: the fundamentals of shop safety and critical safety features related to manufacturing equipment, CNC milling technology and CNC Turning technology, working with sophisticated simulation software to explore industrial based equipment to machine complex parts, CNC Programming that compliments  the CNC Turning and CNC milling as you learn new G&M code commands, GD&T overview of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing to familiarize the student with its use on the shop floor. Field trips are planned to visit technology based manufacturing companies on Cape Cod and the South Shore Region (which may be virtual due to COVID-19). 

You will be meeting remotely with teachers during each class, using state-of-the-art software that combines multimedia such as true simulation, animation, and video, with an easy-to-learn Learning Manufacturing System (LMS) for a comprehensive interactive environment to train, assess, and certify. Upon completion of the course, all students will be eligible for the MACWIC Level 2 exam to earn a MACWIC 2 certification. Students will also complete a resume, take part in mock interviews. Students will be matched according to their competencies with employers who have job openings.
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