Women's Empowerment Through Yoga

Code: W20-337
Price: $30.00
Instructor: Melissa Klevans
Day/Time: TBD
Start Date: TBD
Fees: $30
Number of Class Meetings: 1 session
This workshop is all about how yoga can empower you to realize your inner strength whilst recognizing that being strong sometimes means having the strength to rest and look after your needs. We are warriors, goddesses and strong women. We want to show you how yoga can help us embrace these characteristics to empower us. Being a goddess or a warrior however doesn't mean having to do everything all the time by yourself and carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. Strength is asking for help and support when we need it. Goddesses know when to rest and protect their energy and this workshop is all about achieving that balance. As women we can feel under such pressure to be perfect, juggle families, careers and provide loe and support to those around us. This pressure sometimes can really build up and leave us feeling exhausted. We want you to leave this workshop feeling replenished, strong, empowered and fully apprecite the truly amazing woman that you are!

Melissa Klevans has been a practitioner of yoga for over 20 years and a teacher of yoga for 5 years. Her specialties include gentle yoga, flow and the overall connection of both the body and mind. Ms. Klevans is the perfect yogi to introduce you to the overall concept of yoga, give you adjustments and alteration to your practice, to make yoga perfect for a person of any age and any level. Ms. Klevans holds a degree in Aromatherapy and is currently finishing a second degree in Art History.
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