Art of Independent Yoga Sequencing-Learn to Flow at Home

Code: W20-336
Price: $30.00
Instructor: Melissa Klevans
Day/Time: Wednesday, 6-8pm
Start Date: April 1, 2020
Fees: $30.00
Number of Class Meetings: 1 session
This workshop can help take the poses you know and organize them together to create a home practice. This class will give you a better understanding of how to not only choose your poses, but in what order to put them in. Learning how to sequence teaches you to become intuitive and in touch with your own body and needs, as well as establish an independence to bring your yoga out of a traditional studio and classroom. We will begin with centering and learning how to start by calming the mind. Warming up the spine and moving into a flow that you can literally take anywhere, so yoga can stay a constant in your life regardless of circumstance. The class will end by teaching you relaxation techniques and a cooling down method that will allow you to find a level of clarity in meditation that traditionally ends a yoga class. The hope from this class is that you will leave being able to find new levels of inspiration and clarity from practicing these things in your own home environment.

Melissa Klevans has been a practitioner of yoga for over 20 years and a teacher of yoga for 5 years. Her specialties include gentle yoga, flow and the overall connection of both the body and mind. Ms. Klevans is the perfect yogi to introduce you to the overall concept of yoga, give you adjustments and alteration to your practice, to make yoga perfect for a person of any age and any level. Ms. Klevans holds a degree in Aromatherapy and is currently finishing a second degree in Art History.
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