Code: W20-334
Price: $99.00
Instructor: Michael Lehman
Day/Time: Wednesday, 6-8pm
Start Date: April 29, 2020-May 20, 2020
Fees: $99.00
Number of Class Meetings: 4 sessions
This course will introduce you to feature film screenwriting. We will explore the basic theory and formal aspects of story structure, character development, use of conflict scene writing and dialogues. We will then apply these basic dramatic principles to the development of your own original material. Since much of the work of screenwriting is done before the actual drafting, this class will focus on the process of screenwriting: from the initial premise, through character exploration, to treatments and step-outlines, then writing your first draft. With the help of your peers in workshop, you will leave this course with a solid understanding of the fundamentals of screenwriting. ALSO NOTE: the craft of screenwriting is learned through the critical examination of other screenplays and films: i.e. we read screenplays in order to write screenplays. Just because you've seen the movie doesn't mean its the same as the script. Screenplays are often used as blueprints for the films. As a result, if you don't read the script you are robbing yourself of learning how a writer communicates what she intends to be onscreen.

Michael Lehman has been a professor teaching writing for the past 7 years. Previous screenwriting and acting award winner, including 5 different Broadcasting Society Awards and placing in Austin's famed Screenwriting Festival. Mr. Lehman has also served as a ghost writer for a number of top selling books and has made a living not only teaching writing academically but also writing for recreation.
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