Medical Terminology

Code: W19-303M
Price: $355.00
Instructor: Robin Shaw, RN, MSN
Day/Time: MON/WED, 5:30-8:30 pm
Start Date: MAY 13, 2019.
Fees: $355.00
Number of Class Meetings: 8 sessions

"I recently took 3 courses (Medical Terminology, Medical Assistant Essentials, Phlebotomy Technician) at Upper Cape Tech, after years of being out of school. It was a little scary at first but the teachers and staff made my expe-rience a pleasant one. I learned a great deal (also had fun while doing so) from top-notch courses and instructors (Anne, Donna, and Kathy). I feel confident with the education I received at Upper Cape Tech and I am ready to start my new career in the medi-cal field. If you are ready to start a career in the medical field, this school has all the right tools." – Susan Lovell

If you are interested in health care, then this course is a must! THIS CLASS MUST BE TAKEN IN ORDER TO TAKE THE PHLEBOTOMY TECHNICIAN COURSE AND OUR CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS IN THE MEDICAL FIELD. Build your medical vocabulary, understand terms associated with the function of the human body and learn the spelling of medical terms. Learn word elements of the anatomy, physiology, pathology and other related areas in the field of medicine. Abbreviations, prefixes and word building exercises will be included. Students are required to purchase the following textbook prior to the start of class: Medical Terminology: A Short Course, 6th Edition, ISBN 978-1437734409.   You may purchase this book on or
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