NEW! Introduction To Energy Medicine and Sound Healing

Code: W17-650
Price: $150.00
Instructor: Kat Papineau, MSW, RMT & Amy Knox, RMT
Day/Time: Monday, 6:00-8:00pm
Start Date: CANCELLED.
Fees: $150.00
Number of Class Meetings: 3 Sessions
NEW! INTRODUCTION TO ENERGY MEDICINE & SOUND HEALING - Broaden your knowledge of Energy Medicine and Sound Healing to understand your own healing abilities through the use of complementary modalities of care and natural laws. Learn how energetic imbalances cause us to be out of alignment with ourselves and our surroundings and how such practices as sound, music, and the balancing of chakras can ease us back into balance, ignite life force energy, decrease stress, promote relaxation and amplify healing. A great opportunity for health care professionals and hospice volunteers to learn how to bring added peace, comfort and restoration to patients and families. Training includes an overview of energy medicine, sacred sound, sound instruments, the chakra system, natural laws, hands-on demonstration with the use of sound instruments and manual. Instructor: Kat Papineau, MSW, RMT & Amy Knox, RMT
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