EKG-Basic & Advanced Electrocardiography ONLINE

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Price: $650.00
Prerequisites: Medical Terminology
Instructor: Nancy DeSouza, RN, MSN
Day/Time: Monday& Wednesdays 5PM-8PM
Start Date: 7/6/20
Fees: $650 +$15 Reg fee
Number of Class Meetings: 10-last 2 classes in lab
This two course program is combined to provide the student with an understanding of the principles of cardiac circulation, which will include the cardiac cycle and the conduction system of the heart. The emphasis of this course is to prove the skills to performing a 12-lead EKG tracings and basic rhythm identification, The Advanced EKG portion of the course offers advanced skills to understand in more detail the cardiac cycle, advanced rhythms interpretation, and how myocardial infarctions affect the EKG tracing.

The Basic EKG will last for 8 sessions, then continue with 4 sessions in Advanced EKG course immediately. The last 2 classes will be the practicum componenet of the course, it will offer students the skills necessary to perform a 12-lead electrocardiograph in a lab setting.

TEXTBOOK: Electrocardiography for Healthcare Profesionals, 3rd edition, ISBN:978-0077485276
INSTRUCTOR: Nancy DeSouza, RN, MSN UCT PN Instructor and ICU Nurse for 14 years. 
EMAIL: desouzanancy@hotmail.com
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