Publish Your Story!

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Prerequisites: Basic Computer Skills
Instructor: Deborah Ewald, MM, MHA
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Fees: $199.00
Number of Class Meetings: 8 Sessions
Everyone has a story. Learn how to get YOUR story published. You will be provided with sought-after secrets of the publishing process that will help you navigate this difficult and sometimes overwhelming process. Discover the difference between submitting a fiction or non-fiction work and vastly different markets. This course will help you: 

identify genre of writing: your style of writing, background and knowledge 

understand when a manuscript is ready for submission 

write a query letter 

create a proposal 

understand which is appropriate: a query letter or proposal or both 

understand how to prepare your materials 

decide which of the various types of publishing: the 'big 5 publishers', mid-sized or small presses, or self-publishing, might be the best path to pursue for your work 

decide if you need an agent 

design a process for researching which agents or publishers might accept your work 

This course will assist you in developing a personal guide for this daunting and discouraging process. During the course there will be an overview of the criteria and guidelines for many of the individual publishers' protocols. The protocol, criteria and guidelines required for the submission of manuscripts vary greatly and each publisher has an assortment of requirements based on genre. Literature has four main genres: poetry, drama, fiction, and non-fiction. Every genre has an expected audience, learn how to research your audience. Acquire skills on how to avoid the pitfalls that novice and experienced writers alike encounter, improve your chances for a path to success by avoiding the most common mistakes and wrong paths taken. The knowledge gained from this course will improve your chances of being considered for publication in this extremely competitive and challenging field. 

The course is 20 hours: each class is 2 1⁄2 hours and will meet two times a week, Monday/Wednesday and scheduled for February 24-March 25. Requirements: Basic Computer skills, flash drive, pen/pencil, notepad, and a story to tell.

Instructor: Deborah Ewald, M.M., M.H.A. Published author of: 'Sitting Daily at His Table', available on Amazon, coming soon to Kindle. A second book: 'The Book of Questions' is currently in the 'publisher submission process'. 

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