Beginning AutoCAD

Code: S20-130
Price: $249.00
Prerequisites: Basic Computer Skills
Instructor: JOHN CULLEN, Architectural Designer
Day/Time: MON/WED, 6:00-9:00PM
Start Date: JUNE 17, 2019.
Fees: $249.00
Number of Class Meetings: 6 Sessions
BEGINNING AUTOCAD - AutoCAD is widely used by architects, mechanical designers, civil engineers and landscape designers as a design and drafting tool.  In this beginner course you will learn to draw, dimension, add layers and print various two-dimensional drawings.  We will also begin using paper space and viewports.  Each topic covered will accompany a hands on exercise in order to build comfort and confidence with AutoCAD.  All materials, such as handouts and tutorials are included.  NO TEXTBOOK REQUIRED.  PREREFQUISITE:  BASIC COMPUTER SKILLS.
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