Code: S20-117
Price: $69.00
Instructor: Kathleen Viola, Certified Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master.
Day/Time: MONDAYS, 6:00-8:00PM
Start Date: JUNE 24, JULY 1, & JULY 8, 2019.
Fees: $69.00, plus a $20.00 material fee payable to the Instructor the 1st night of class.
Number of Class Meetings: 3 Sessions



                                                  NO PETS PERMITTED IN CLASS



 Katz, designed this program for educational and recreational self enrichment knowledge.

 This information is intended to aid you for making informed consumer choices regarding your pet's

  overall healthcare, and welfare. Including food, treats, grooming products and more.

 This class in “ NOT”  intended  for making any claims of diagnosis, recovery, cures, or to cause any

 injury, harm to any pets. Disclaimer: This workshop is not to replace any Veterinarian care or other

 professional care for any pets.

 This workshop forum is designed from a caring, sharing of information, techniques, remedies, From

 different respected Holistic approaches. Integrating therapeutic modules of reflexology, massage,

 acupressure, reiki, Ayurveda, vibrational healing ( tuning forks, crystals), and synergetic energy.

 # 1) Reflexology, massage, acupressure techniques will be demonstrated. I will discuss Chiropractic

  care, Holistic Veterinarians, as well as acupuncture. Resources provided. Your food will also

  be covered. Low level laser therapy will be covered.

 # 2)  Energetic and Vibrational healing- demonstration for reiki, hands on healing, crystal charging,

  of food and water and vibrational, plant spirit energy medicine, flower essence, Bach remedy,

  essential oil and precautions.  Not for all pets.

 #3  Integrative  Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TMC), Holistic Nutrition, Homeopathy

  Discover your pets Dosha or Dosha's, conditions, issues. This will aid you to make decisions

  for your pet. Foods: they are energetic classified  cooling, warming or neutral for your pets

  concern.  We will discuss Organic, where it is made, where to buy. Read labels. Treats, CBD oil,

 Hemp,immune mushroom blends, supplements.Freeze dried, Kibble, Frozen Raw, Canned covered.

 Paw and Eye care. Learn how to create chemical free pet wash, organic herbal fur rubs, dry brushing     

 importance, everyday.

 You will create a holistic paw wash to use when they come in each time from being out doors.

  All chemical free.

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