Introduction to Photography

Code: F22-699
Price: $99.00
Prerequisites: DSLR Camera and owners manual
Instructor: Laura Tonello
Day/Time: Wednesday, 5-7pm
Start Date: 10/20/21-11/17/21
Fees: $99 +$ 15 registration fee
Number of Class Meetings: 5 Sessions

The course is designed to be a foundational class for photographers of beginner to intermediate levels and will provide a basis for developing photography skills. You will become familiar with the mechanics of your own camera and learn important photography concepts to apply when using a DSLR camera. Key concepts will be broken down into small parts so that you understand the process of photography. Photography terms will be defined in understandable language for ease of learning. During the classes, concepts will be practiced in the classroom and students will be given assignments to complete at home.  Students are required to bring their own DSLR camera and the owner’s manual.


Laura Tonello is the owner and CEO of Laura’s Perspectives Photography in Sagamore Beach, MA. Prior to starting her own business, Laura was a high school teacher and is skilled instructor of adult learners. She is passionate about photography and “capturing the moment.” Laura is a local resident and an active member of the community.

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