Code: F21-561
Price: $299.00
Instructor: William Brennan
Day/Time: Tuesday, 6-8pm
Start Date: September 29, 2020
Fees: $299.00
Number of Class Meetings: 8 Sessions
This course will focus on the key aspects of Human Resources that are 
important to all types of organizations from small entrepreneur's to 
large corporations.  HR functions that will be discussed include: 
strategic HR planning, staffing/recruiting, compensation, performance 
management, and training & development. The course will involve 
practical application of the HR functions that will add value to your 

Instructor:  Bill Brennan has over 20 years of HR management 
experience for leading global, domestic and regional
companies in a variety of industries; he has gradute degrees in 
management, and earned the Senior Professional In Human Resources 
certification from the highly regarded Human Resources Certification 
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