Master Plumber Tier V -Part 1 of 2

Code: F21-409
Price: $460.00
Instructor: Kevin Connelly, Master Plumber
Day/Time: TUES/THURS -5:00-8:00pm
Start Date: September 8, 2020
Fees: $460.00 PLUS A $15 REGISTRATION FEE.
Number of Class Meetings: 55 Hours
TIER V PROGRAM IS FOR the Licensed Apprentice Plumber seeking to obtain a Master Plumber License. Tier I, II, III and IV or equivalent or a Journeyman Plumber License required. Pending Enrollment. This code and theory course consists of 55 hours (per semester) of the Massachusetts plumbing and gas code review as well as service and troubleshooting plumbing problems in the field. The course meets the requirement toward the 300 classroom hours required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for those who wish to take the Journeyman’s Plumbing and Gas Fitters’ Exam. Course Requirement: Must be a registered Apprentice prior to September 2008.

Textbook requirement: Massachusetts Uniform State Plumbing Code Book 248 CMR 1.00-10.00 & NFPA 54: National Fuel Gas Code 2002. 
TUITION: $400 PLUS THE $15.00 REGISTRATION FEE IF PAID BY August 27th; AFTER August 27, 2020, THE FEE IS $460.00 PLUS THE $15.00 REGISTRATION FEE. .
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