Pies, Tarts and Crumbles

Code: F21-253
Price: $59.00
Instructor: Chef Phillip Caramello
Day/Time: WEDNESDAY, 5:30-8:30PM
Start Date: 11/18/20
Fees: $59.00 plus $20 materials fee payable to the Instructor
Number of Class Meetings: 1 session
Just in time for Thanksgiving! Learn how to make sweet dough and pie crust dough. Make classic fillings like apple, pumpkin and pecan. You'll leave with recipes and the know-how to make some classic baked goods for the whole family.

Instructor: with over 20 years of expertise in the pastry arts field, Executive Pastry Chef Phillip Caramello currently works at Cuisine Chez Vous in Boston, MA. In addition to having an extensive resume, has also made TV appearances on Food Network's "Sweet Genius" and recenlty "Chopped Sweets." Chef Caramello will be delighted to share his passion for baking with you.
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