E-Commerce II: Getting Started, Website, Budget, Skills, and Getting Paid

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Instructor: Barry Tuttle, Certified Web Application Developer. Owned and operated a successful online retail company for 18 years.
Day/Time: WEDNESDAYS, 6:00 - 8:00 pm
Start Date: OCTOBER 4, 2017.
Fees: 40.00
Number of Class Meetings: 1 Session
Millions of websites achieve little or no profit, yet a growing number are very successful. E-Commerce is a 1.5 trillion dollar industry. If you have a website that does not generate income, or if you wish to start a new website, this class is for you. This class covers what is important to create return on investment and how companies have generated profits. Topics will review startup costs, market plan, budgeting, and skills required. Create a website yourself or hire a firm, the pros and cons. Credit card payment systems, merchant account and online security. The instructor owed and developed an online retail store for eighteen years generating millions of dollars in revenue and breaking national sales records year after year. This is an essential second class in a series designed to help you and/or your company reach new heights utilizing the online marketplace.
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