Course List

Code Name Price  
S15-307 Basic Anatomy & Physiology $350.00
F15-312 Phlebotomy Technician $1,495.00
S15-313 EKG Technician $425.00
S15-322 Advanced EKG Technician $169.00
S15-330 EMT (Emergency Medical Technician Training) $699.00
S15-121 Computer Basics with File Management/Windows $99.00
S15-127 Quickbooks 2011 $179.00
S15-122 Microsoft Word 2007 $49.00
S15-124 Microsoft Excel $49.00
S15-425 Introduction to Welding $454.00
S15-417 Introduction to Fire Alarms $189.00
IPL New! Intellectual Property Law for Engineers $575.00
S15-510 Massachusetts Real Estate Salespersonsí Exam Prep $399.00
S15-238 New! Summer Appetizers $29.00
S15-878 Drawing & Watercolors $89.00
S15-877 Play the Guitar Intermediate $59.00
S15-650 Tai-Chi $49.00
PCC_OL Paralegal Certificate Course $1,189.00
APCC_OL Advanced Paralegal Certificate Course $275.00
LNCT_OL Legal Nurse Consultant Training $849.00
ADR_OL Alternate Dispute Resolution $575.00
VA_OL Victim Advocacy $575.00
LS_OL Legal Secretary $575.00
LI_OL Legal Investigation $575.00
ALR_OL Advanced Legal Research & Writing Certificate Course $729.00
GRE_OL GRE Preparation $250.00
SAT_ACT_OL SAT/ACT Preparation $90.00
LSAT_OL LSAT Preparation $250.00
GMAT_OL GMAT Preparation $250.00
S15-311 Home Health Aide $195.00
S15-305 Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers CPR/AED $69.00
S15-310 Nurse's Aide Training with Home Health Aide and Basic Life Support $985.00
S15-420 Introduction to Woodworking $199.00
S15-255 Healthy Cooking $29.00
S15-236 Cooking Basics $29.00
S15-651 Chi-Robics $49.00
S15-303 Medical Terminology $355.00
S15-314 Medical Billing & Coding $475.00
S15-146 Building a Website with Wordpress $39.00
S15-237 Dinner Party $29.00
W14-155 Fun with your Photos: Storage & Organization $49.00
S15-560 ebay Basics $45.00
S15-217 New! Healthy Summer Salads $29.00
UGC-SLC NEW! Supervisory and Leadership Certificate $395.00
UGC-MBC NEW! Management Boot Camp $295.00
UGC-TBP NEW! The Business Plan $195.00
UGC-EBC NEW! Entrepreneur Boot Camp $195.00
UGC-DC NEW! Dementia Care $495.00
UGC_SMP Spanish for Medical Professionals $145.00
UGC_CWP New! Certified Webinar Planner $795.00
UGC_DSW Designing Successful Webinars $195.00
UGC_MTC New! Managing Telework Certificate $395.00
UGC_CCS Certificate in Customer Service $245.00
UGC_NEG Negotiation: Get What You Want $195.00
S15-432 Accelerated Nail Technician Licensing Course $775.00
S15-251 Cupcakes $29.00
S15-246 New! The Daily Catch $29.00
S15-475 Construction Supervisors Pre-Licensing Course $229.00
S15-411 Small Engine Repair $349.00
S15-259 Pizza Party $29.00
F15-212 Soups and Panini $29.00
F15-247 Lobster Festival $29.00
W14-540 How to Get Debt Free Without Harming Your Credit Score $42.00
S15-652 Qi Gong $49.00
S15-656 New! Stop Smoking Now $50.00
S15-657 Release Stress Now $50.00
S15-658 Release Excess Weight Now $50.00
W14-315 Rehab Aide $195.00
W14-304 New! Pharmacological Approach to Cardiovascular Disease $169.00
W14-147 New! Google's Blogger $39.00
W14-134 New! Get Organized with your iPad $39.00
W14-400 Electrical Apprenticeship - Level I $385.00
W14-401 Electrical Apprenticeship-Level II $385.00
W14-403 Electrical Apprenticeship- Level III $385.00
W14-404 Electrical Apprenticeship- Level IV $385.00
W14-405 Electrical Apprenticeship - Masters $385.00
W14-525 ServSafe Certification/Exam Only $115.00
W14-262 Italian Cooking: The Meatball $29.00
W14-257 Penny Saving Italian $29.00
W14-616 Herbal Apothecary $39.00
W14-617 New! Guided Imagery Meditations $24.00
W14-662 Basic Level IET Class $200.00
W14-615 Aromatherapy Apothecary $39.00
S15-120 Keyboarding $109.00
S15-225 Veggie Paradise $29.00
W14-322b Advanced EKG Technician $169.00
S15-231 New! Grain & Grain: The hands-on exploration of artisan bread baking and wooden spoon carving $120.00
S15-100 Accelerated Driver's Ed for UCT Students $595.00
S15-101 Accelerated Driver's Ed $695.00
S15-977 Spanish $89.00
W14-233 New! Family Dinners in a Snap! $29.00
W14-229 Pasta Your Way $29.00
S15-234 New! Canning 101 $0.00
S15-138 New! Plan Travels with your iPad $39.00
S15-139 New! Traveling with your iPad $39.00
S15-265 New! The pretzel $29.00
S15-239 Sweet & Savory Seasonal Pies $29.00
S15-822 New! Put Paper in Its Place $24.00
S15-601 New! Five Aspects of Health & Disease $24.00
S15-602 New! Hidden health Hazards- A Holistic Approach $29.00
S15-605 New! What's So Funny About Aging? A Holistic Perspective $24.00
S15-603 New! Jest for the Health of It! $24.00